5 Effective Strategies for Seasonal Allergy Relief

allergy-reliefWatery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, coughing – these seasonal allergy symptoms can be miserable and really impact quality of life. They can zap your energy, affect your mood, and interrupt your sleep. Evidence suggests that pollen, mold, and other allergies will continue to get worse due to our changing climate. Fortunately, diet, lifestyle, and key nutrients can help to reduce allergic reactions and improve overall health. By addressing underlying immune system imbalances, inflammation, stress, and other interwoven factors, you can experience less discomfort and greater vitality. Below are five effective strategies for seasonal allergy relief. Continue reading “5 Effective Strategies for Seasonal Allergy Relief”

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Try a Natural Approach to Sinus Issues

allergiesAt Village Green Apothecary we often get asked about prescription medications and natural alternatives. Questions about sinus issues are common around this time of year, including about contraindications with natural approaches such as our Sinus Survival products and prescription medications.

While it is generally safe for most people to take both prescribed medications and Sinus Survival products, many have found that one downside of prescriptions like Nasonex and Nasacort is that these meds make them feel tired or drugged-up, plus they have experienced rebound effects. Continue reading “Try a Natural Approach to Sinus Issues”

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