How Daily Choices Impact Your Life: 5 Keys to Healthier Living

daily-choices-questionsMost of us make hundreds of daily choices without much thought as to how they will impact our lives.

• What to wear
• What to eat
• How to relate to other people
• How to care for our bodies, minds and spirits
• How we “show up”
• How we nurture ourselves and those we love… and so much more

Many of these choices are more like habits, and we don’t recognize them as choices because we don’t even realize we’re making them. But by changing how you view your daily choices, you can easily and positively impact your life and health, moving closer toward the life you truly want.

Here are five keys to healthier living that are made possible simply by understanding how your daily choices impact your life.

1) Nutrition / Fitness / Wellness

What daily food choices are you making? Do you usually go for chemicals, toxins, and other unrecognizable substances and ingredients? You’re probably thinking, “Of course not!” But take a closer look. Healthier living starts with what you put into your body and daily choices should include real, whole foods that are rich in nutrients, avoiding those convenient but highly processed foods with no nutrients, just empty calories.  Continue reading “How Daily Choices Impact Your Life: 5 Keys to Healthier Living”

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How Eczema Changed My Life … For the Better

I took an interesting path to becoming a nutrition counselor at Village Green Apothecary. My story may help others who are suffering from health problems that conventional doctors are unable to help.

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with severe eczema. I had rashes all over my body, from head to toe. I wore long-sleeve shirts to cover my rashes, and people would still ask me if I had burned my hands and how it had happened. Every day I suffered from pain, itchiness, headaches, and severe fatigue. Seeing one dermatologist was not enough to take care of my problem, so I decided to consult another dermatologist in the area. I gave up after seeing 6 different dermatologists, who just prescribed different strengths of cortisone cream. I asked each of those doctors if I could take anything internally to help my painful eczema. I was told there was no such thing and got a look as if I were crazy to ask such a question.

Cortisone cream was helpful at first, but as my eczema got worse, nothing would really help. Cortisone definitely wasn’t the long-term solution. Finally, I took a nutrition class at my local community college. It was a very comprehensive class on the basics of nutrition, healthy eating, exercising, and managing stress. One day after class, I asked my professor if she knew of anything I could do nutritionally to ease my eczema. At first I thought she was going to call me crazy too, but instead she asked me questions about my diet and lifestyle. Then, surprisingly enough, she said the only way I would get better would be to take certain supplements that my body seemed to be deficient in, due to my poor diet.

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