Vitamin D and the Sunnier Months – Should I Continue to Supplement?

Spring is here! The shift into longer days and more sun has begun, and you may have begun going through your closets, pulling out those short-sleeve shirts, shorts, and other lighter spring/summer gear. You may have also been inspired recently (especially this past week!) to get outside and enjoy the spring breezes, warm air, and sunshine. Remember that in these next few months, as the sun gets higher in the sky, you will have more of an opportunity to produce Vitamin D in your body, as the stronger UV rays in summer naturally trigger the body to produce more Vitamin D.

You may be wondering at this point if you need to stay on that Vitamin D supplement you so religiously took over the winter to help build your immunity and reduce colds/flu. This is a great question!

While you’d think that you can get enough sun in the summer months to make adequate amounts of Vitamin D, unfortunately that may not be the case. Continue reading “Vitamin D and the Sunnier Months – Should I Continue to Supplement?”

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MS Awareness Week: March 8-14

Multiple sclerosis is a complex disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults, aged 15 to 40, we know that it affects children, some as young as two years old. The impact is felt by family, friends and by the community. MS is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Its effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime. There is no cure. Living with it can range from being a small nuisance to being a great daily challenge. No two cases are alike and no one patient presents the entire scope of the disease.

According to the National MS Society, about 400,000 Americans have MS, and every week about 200 people are diagnosed. World-wide, MS affects about 2.5 million people. This article discusses the risk factors for MS. One risk factor that jumps out is vitamin D status among those with MS. It is very interesting that there seem to be higher MS rates among those who live in Northern parts of the world where people have limited access to sunshine. I feel like a broken record.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR VITAMIN D STATUS CHECKED.

To learn more about MS , please read this paper.

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Flu Update

It has been a week since Joe (my son) came down with the flu.  After taking probiotics, ear oil,  oscillococcinum and vitamin D3, Joe is left with a slight runny nose.   We just returned from the doc and the ear infection is gone and appetite is back.  Basically, I have my very active 13 month old back to normal!  As for his dad, my dear husband, well he is also doing much better (3 weeks later) and he actually asked for the Vitamin D3 and the ear oil once he saw how great Joe was doing.  I think son is teaching father a lesson!

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The Flu Hits Home

My husband came home two weeks ago complaining of a sore throat and fatigue.  A few days later, he had a hacking cough and a fever.  And just this past week… an ear infection.  With a degree in nutrition, and an herbalist and naturopath, as well as countless supplements at my disposal, how did I let my husband develop and continue with what we have now discovered is the flu? Well, every morning I would lay out vitamin C, oscillococcinum, probiotics and tea for him, but being the stubborn, hardheaded man that he is, he thought he could just let the flu take its course. Well, we are on week three of this, Tim is still hacking away and now our poor little 13-month-old son has caught the flu, and he has a double ear infection.  Unlike, his daddy, Joe is more open to trying  mommy’s remedies.  I also want to make clear that Joe is under the care of a lovely doctor who actually approved and is monitoring Joe’s condition.

I am curious to see who will actually feel better sooner, Continue reading “The Flu Hits Home”

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March – Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer affecting men and women in the United States. The risk increases with age (>50 years), but when caught early is often curable. Risk factors include: polyps found in the colon or rectum, high fat diet, family history of colorectal cancer, and inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. If you are over the age of 50, or have risk factors, talk to your doctor about important screenings and testing.

Lifestyle-related factors linked to colorectal cancer include smoking, alcohol, obesity, poor diet, and inactivity. Good nutrition and regular physical activity provide a solid foundation for health and can reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.

Continue reading “March – Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month”

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