New Exercise Guidelines for Women to Maintain Weight

Try and find another 40 minutes per day.  A new study that came out last week showed that women in their 40s who exercised at least one hour per day maintained their weight.  So if you are trying to lose weight and can’t figure out why, then you may want to look a little closer at your exercise routine and the amount of time you spend doing it.  Here is a segment from the Early Show that gives you a little more information about the study and some tips to get you moving.

CBS Segment: New Exercise Guidelines for Women

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The Kick-Start, Ab-Chiseling Warm-Up

A more effective warm-up than static stretching can consist of the elliptical, bike, stairmaster, jump rope, etc. Static stretching (when you stretch a muscle and hold it for 10-15 seconds) should not be performed previous to training, as research  has shown that static stretching before training does not aid in preventing injury and it also decreases force production (Landin, et al, 2008), which will be detrimental to the client’s performance in the workout. The warm-up should consist of something to get the blood flowing throughout the body and then continue as the workout progresses.  Static stretching can be performed after the workout as this is when it is actually beneficial and flexibility can be increased. However, static stretching should not be a priority, as through practical experience it is starting to be shown that dynamic movements do more to promote flexibility. If you can do a full range of motion squat, then how much additional flexibility do you need? Add to that the fact that static stretching does nothing to burn calories, burn fat, or strengthen muscle; therefore, it should not be a priority. Try to perform activity that will take full advantage of your time. Continue reading “The Kick-Start, Ab-Chiseling Warm-Up”

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The Squat is Still King

Boyd Eppley, founder of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), stated at the 2009 Nebraska NSCA State Conference, “The squat is still king.” This is why that is an accurate statement:

When you are able to perform the free weight back squat correctly and with full depth and good posture, it will be the foundation for your health, fitness, or sports performance. The entire point of weight training is to apply stress to the body, and nothing will apply stress to the entire body at once like the free weight back squat; with perfect technique. This movement will also be the strongest movement where an individual will perform the most weight, so it will also burn the most calories, build the most bone density, and develop the most overall strength in the body. For the appropriate squat progression and perfect technique visit the website Continue reading “The Squat is Still King”

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Heart Health

Other than fat loss, it seems the most popular reason to perform cardio routines is for heart health. Helgurud, et al (2004) found high intensity aerobic exercise is superior to moderate exercise as well when studying stable patients with coronary artery disease. Dr. Al Sears, author of the book “The Doctor’s Heart Cure,” is quoted as saying : “Heart attacks aren’t caused by a lack of endurance. Heart attacks typically occur at rest or at periods of very high cardiac output. Often there is a sudden increase in demand. A person lifts a heavy object or receives an unexpected emotional blow. The sudden demand for cardiac output exceeds the heart’s capacity to adapt. What you really need is a faster cardiac output. By exercising for long periods, you actually induce the opposite response. When you exercise continuously for more than about 10 minutes, your heart has to become more efficient. Greater efficiency comes from downsizing. Continue reading “Heart Health”

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Cardio Revolution

This will burst a lot of people’s bubbles. How often do you see the same person at the gym night after night doing cardio with great dedication and not losing any weight? The following will help you to use your time wisely and get better results There are three energy systems the body uses. (1) The Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) energy system, which provides instant energy for intense exercise such as that used by a powerlifter performing a 1-repetition max; (2) The Non-Oxidative/Glycolytic energy system, which starts to be used after the first 2-3 seconds of exercise, such as that used by a 100 meter sprinter; and (3) The Oxidative energy system, which is used for events lasting longer than 2 minutes. The latter is the most common association people have with doing “cardio” (Wilkins).

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