New York City Schools Ban Processed Meat!

school lunch

Hot dogs, pepperoni, and other cancer-causing processed meats are officially off the menu at New York City public schools! New York’s City Council recently passed Resolution 238, calling upon the Department of Education to eliminate processed meats in public schools. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Council Member Fernando Cabrera introduced the resolution in 2018.

“We cannot continue feeding our children substances that are scientifically proven to increase their chances of cancer later in life,” said Borough President Adams, who reversed his type 2 diabetes by adopting a plant-based diet in 2016. Continue reading “New York City Schools Ban Processed Meat!”

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Event on October 1: The Wireless Revolution, 5G and Your Health

cell phone radiation bNational Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) is hosting an informative talk with Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust, about the effects of wireless technology on your health. She will explain 5G, cell phone radiation, the state of the science, and what every person can do to protect themselves.

5G promises to make your life happier, but is there a downside? Now that over 800,000 new cell towers are scheduled to be built in neighborhoods, hundreds of scientists are calling to halt 5G due to a growing body of published research showing harmful effects. A groundswell of awareness is evolving in the United States. Continue reading “Event on October 1: The Wireless Revolution, 5G and Your Health”

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New Study: Vitamin D and Fish Oil Linked to Prevention of Cancer Death and Heart Attacks

fish oilIn a new study, vitamin D and omega-3 (fish oil) show promise in prevention of cancer death and heart attacks. The study involved 25,871 people in the U.S., who took part in this 5-year clinical research, VITamin D and OmegA-3 Trial (VITAL). Some participants took only vitamin D or fish oil; others took both; and some acted as the control by consuming neither supplement.

Although the results are mixed, they show promising outcomes in lowering the risk of cancer death and heart attacks. The findings showed that taking vitamin D was linked Continue reading “New Study: Vitamin D and Fish Oil Linked to Prevention of Cancer Death and Heart Attacks”

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Back to School Series: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

sleeping2Over the summer many people have a more relaxed schedule and bedtimes for the kids may be a bit more flexible. But now that school is in full swing, are your kids getting enough sleep? Establishing a sleep schedule in order to get a good night’s sleep can be extra important. Recent research has found that consistent bedtimes result in better health for most people.

And if you are like me, putting my kids to bed later does not result in a later wake-up time. Even reducing sleep by 1 hour per night can affect your child’s cognition and ability to pay attention. Continue reading “Back to School Series: Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?”

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Something in Your Eye? Natural Tips to Help With a Stye

eyesOur eyes provide us with a world of information every day. But some days, they can also provide us with uncomfortable symptoms. Whether it’s itching, burning or redness, we all experience eye symptoms at some point. One common eye infliction is the stye.

A stye is a small, painful swelling on the edge of the eyelid. It is caused by staphylococcal bacterial infection in one of the oil-producing glands of the lid. If you have had one, you know how uncomfortable they can be, plus they don’t look so great either. As with any infection, we are more susceptible when run down Continue reading “Something in Your Eye? Natural Tips to Help With a Stye”

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