Drink Today: Pineapple Lime Sports Drink

pineapple lime drinkI have kids in soccer, lacrosse, baseball and hockey, so hydration is serious business around here – and my kids love those colorful sports drinks that are everywhere. A sports drink is meant to deliver hydration as well as fast digesting carbohydrates for a source of quick energy, plus some electrolytes (like sodium and potassium) to replace some of what is lost in sweat. Unfortunately, most store-bought sports drinks also come with tons of added sugar, or artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and other ingredients you just don’t want or need.

Save yourself some money and improve the quality of what you’re drinking by making your own delicious and thirst-quenching drink. Continue reading “Drink Today: Pineapple Lime Sports Drink”

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If You Love Wine, Know What’s In It

wineAlcohol, if consumed in excess, can be a problem for both the body and the mind. Assuming you are of legal drinking age, it’s important to know your limits and to not exceed the current recommendations of 3-5 servings a week for men and 1-3 for women. This includes wine.

And even if you are able to control the quantity, you may still be missing the mark with quality. No, I am not talking about the age of the wine, the winery it comes from or its varietal. I am talking about constituents that most wines have which increase our toxic burden and make it difficult for us to clear alcohol byproducts from the body. Continue reading “If You Love Wine, Know What’s In It”

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5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Offset Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s

dementiaA large study published in JAMA has found that a healthy lifestyle can cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia even if you have genes that raise your risk for these diseases. The study found that people with high genetic risk and poor health habits were about three times more likely to develop dementia versus those with low genetic risk and good habits.

The report, compiled by the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, assessed study participants’ lifestyles on these five lifestyle habits: Continue reading “5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Offset Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s”

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Why Sleep is Required for Health

sleep 2aWe know that not sleeping is unhealthy. And yet many of us are sleep deprived. So if we know that not getting enough shut-eye can be harming our health, what is keeping everyone awake at night?

The amount of sleep that is needed for good health varies per individual and with age, and the effects associated with insufficient sleep differ just as much. What is consistent is that we know why sleep is required for health.

• Sleep plays a role in brain function by helping to clean the pathways in the brain, and without sleep, your sensitive neurons cannot form new memories or learn. Continue reading “Why Sleep is Required for Health”

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Picnic Safety

picnicPacking a picnic is quintessential summer. As a child, every Sunday in the summer my parents would get up early and pack a feast in the cooler so we could enjoy eating alfresco. We would then drive to a local park where we would spend the day swimming, playing badminton, lounging in the shade and eating the wonderful lunch that had been prepared. Today, I have continued the tradition with my own family. Packing a picnic and heading outdoors for the day is one of my kids’ favorite things to do!

First thing to preparing a picnic is planning and organization. Once you get your picnic tote organized, Continue reading “Picnic Safety”

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