Dinner Tonight: Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup

yellow-peppersSoup isn’t the first food I think of in the summer, but this cheerful yellow soup is delicious served hot or cold. This recipe is also vegan and gluten free! Yellow peppers, like all peppers, are chock-full of vitamin C… four times more than a medium orange. Peppers also supply plenty of vitamin A, fiber and potassium.

Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup

• 6 large, firm yellow bell peppers
• 1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
• 1 sweet onion, peeled and diced Continue reading “Dinner Tonight: Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup”

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Amyloids, Glyphosate and Sulphur – Oh My! Plus 3 Tips for a Healthy Gut

quinoa-beansWhen one of my clients came to me, he was fighting end-stage cancer. He was dealing with a condition called amyloidosis.



I hadn’t heard of amyloids or amyloidosis until then. So I turned to Sarah Devido, the brilliant researcher on my staff who used to work for the National Institutes of Health.

Amyloidosis is a serious medical condition. It is caused by a buildup of amyloid proteins in organs like the heart, kidneys and liver. Continue reading “Amyloids, Glyphosate and Sulphur – Oh My! Plus 3 Tips for a Healthy Gut”

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Important Steps to Protect Children from Food Additives

child-in-kitchenThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just published a technical report with important recommendations on ways to protect children from food additives by reducing exposure. They also released a statement urging for “substantial improvements to the food additives regulatory system.” With over 10,000 chemicals allowed to be added to food / food materials in the U.S., the group is calling for more a rigorous testing of chemicals and a re-testing process on chemicals that were previously approved by the FDA many years ago, to make sure that they are not toxic.

Because children are still growing and developing, they are very sensitive to chemical exposures. Continue reading “Important Steps to Protect Children from Food Additives”

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Dinner Tonight: Zucchini Pad Thai

zucchini-noodlesOh, zucchini. It is one of my favorite summer vegetables. (I think I say that about all summer vegetables.) But this squash IS currently my favorite since my mother dropped off a large zucchini yesterday and I promptly turned it into a gluten-free raw zucchini pad thai.

Zucchini is part of the summer squash family. One cup of zucchini only has 36 calories, but is chock-full of nutrition. It contains 10% of the RDA of dietary fiber, and is a great source of folate, vitamin C and vitamin A, potassium, and 19% of the RDA for manganese, a trace mineral that helps the body metabolize protein and carbohydrates, participates in the production of sex hormones, and catalyzes the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol. Continue reading “Dinner Tonight: Zucchini Pad Thai”

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Super Seeds to Add to Your Diet

seedy-granolaSmall in size, seeds are one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet and have a wide range of health benefits. They are an easy way to add nutrients to your diet without breaking the bank and usually without having to plan ahead and prepare them. Healthy seeds can be added to salads, baked goods and smoothies for extra protein, nutrition and texture.

Next time you are making a salad, grabbing some Greek yogurt, or baking a batch of granola, consider throwing in some super seeds, such as these. Continue reading “Super Seeds to Add to Your Diet”

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