This Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success

yes-you-canIf you’re struggling with your weight, there may be a benefit from keeping that weight… on. What? I know right now you’re thinking; “That’s crazy Debi, why on earth would I want to do that?” Before you disregard the idea completely, consider this.

There may be a benefit from keeping that weight right there, and figuring out what the “benefit” is for keeping it there is the first step to doing anything about it.

So many of my clients over the years just couldn’t figure out why they kept sabotaging their weight loss success. Diet after diet and expert after expert, they were given a “meal plan” or strategies to avoid eating… which had NOTHING to do with the real issue. They were left overweight, frustrated and discouraged. They thought there was something wrong with their thyroid or their metabolism. They blamed it on heredity or resigned themselves to accepting that no matter what they tried, nothing would ever work… until they were willing to uncover the real issue that was keeping the weight there. Continue reading “This Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success”

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