3 Sore Throat Remedies

I thought I had gotten through this long, long winter without a cold, but the other day I felt the tickle in my throat starting. Before it could become a full-blown throat infection, I started to hit it hard with three great sore throat remedies. Bye-bye sore throat!

1. Pathway Throat-Ease. This easy-to-use spray contains herbs that provide relief quickly. Osha and licorice are just two of the herbs that soothe a sore throat but also help if you have a cough. Throw this in your pocket, and use it whenever you feel the need for relief.

2. Raw honey. A tablespoon stirred into a tea or just taken by the spoon, can really help ease a sore throat. This one is especially good for children over the age of 1. In fact, a study in Pediatrics showed that 2 tsps of honey helped children with sore throats and coughs, especially when it came to sleeping at night.

2. Gargle with salt water. Mix about 1 tsp of sea salt with warm water and gargle for 30 seconds. Repeat throughout the day as needed. How effective is this home remedy? A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005 followed test subjects during the winter. Those who were instructed to gargle three times per day, even while healthy, had a nearly 40% reduction in upper respiratory tract infections over the control group, that didn’t gargle at all. The gargling may have helped fend off viruses and bacteria by preventing the buildup of mucus where the microbes could take up residence.

If you continue to have a sore throat, or it’s accompanied by a fever or any sort of discharge, get yourself to a doctor.

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Can Your Sugar Addiction Cause Depression?

So, you always thought that depression caused you to eat, but is the opposite true? Could your diet be making you depressed? Can sugar addiction cause depression?

The average American eats about 130 pounds of sugar every year. Unfortunately excess sugar intake is associated with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, weight gain, and obesity. Despite what Americans know about the adverse affects of excess sugar, why do we continue to eat and crave these treats?

One reason is that manufacturing companies design these treats to be addictive; by adding addictive and taste-enhancing ingredients like salt, fat, or sugar, then making these foods so easy to consume, we can easily find ourselves eating much more than we planned.

So, do we simply just LOVE sugar, or is it more serious: does addiction lurk behind this significant sugar intake?  Continue reading “Can Your Sugar Addiction Cause Depression?”

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The Calming Effect of Kava Gold

Most of us don’t have to worry about the stresses of performing in front of the whole world (I do like to watch those Olympic games), but we all have our own worries and concerns.

Unfortunately, stressful situations are part of our daily existence, whether it be work-related, dealing with family problems or trying to pay the bills. Consider the calming effect of kava.

Pathway Kava Gold is the gold standard for soothing mind and soul. It effectively calms stress, anxiety and nervous irritability – without grogginess. Our superior formulation combines kava with other powerful stress-supporting botanicals.

To find out if Kava Gold is right for you, contact Village Green Apothecary at 1-800-869-9159.


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Why We Have Obese Children

I walked into the room where my kids were watching TV. Within a few short minutes, I was bombarded with commercials for highly sugared, highly processed nutrient-void “sub foods.”  These commercials promised fun, friendship and a way into the “in crowd.”

What’s the REAL promise our children can count on?

  • A future of obesity.
  • Insulin resistance, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and more.
  • A lack of confidence because of the way they look and feel.
  • A lower self-esteem because they’re not comfortable speaking up, stepping up and being a part of things that would help build their inner strength.
  • Looks of disgust, judgment, gossip as well as isolation from those who have their opinions and share their opinions openly.
  • Missed opportunities because they’re sitting on the sidelines vs. getting on the field.

Yes, I know these commercials work. Continue reading “Why We Have Obese Children”

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Video | Quick Tips for a Healthy Heart

Watch the video below featuring our own Heather Gunn, to learn about three quick tips for a healthy heart. Heather is a clinical herbalist, licensed clinical nutritionist and fitness consultant, and she also offers personal consultations. If you would like to schedule a consultation, click here.


If you have trouble viewing this video, click here.

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