Pain Awareness Month Symposium – September 27

Do you suffer from chronic pain, or know someone who does? If so, you should consider attending this event.

Pain Connection, a nonprofit service organization, will be having its Pain Awareness Month Symposium on Friday, September 27 from 9:00am to 4:30pm in Silver Spring, MD. This year’s program is, “Format for Individualized Integrative Treatment (FIIT)©; The 21st Century Model for Chronic Pain.” The event will bring health care providers, people with chronic pain, family members and interested community residents together to learn about the latest research and clinical practices in the field of pain management.

The mission of Pain Connection is to empower people who have chronic pain to improve their quality of life, decrease their sense of isolation, and take a more active role in their treatment. They do this by providing information, psychosocial support, coping skills and training to people with chronic pain, their families and health care providers.

For more details about the symposium or to register, please click here.


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Recipe: Whole Food Protein Shake from Dr. Mark Hyman’s New Book

Yesterday Debi Silber, wrote about the importance of breakfast, especially for keeping the pounds off. Well, today Dr. Mark Hyman has provided us with another delicious recipe that makes a perfect breakfast to go, from his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook.

The ingredients are simple, and although you may have to make a trip to the health food store to pick up some of the items that you don’t have, like chia seeds and coconut oil, it will be well worth it. All the items in this recipe store well and can be pulled out whenever you feel like whipping up this shake. Chock-full of healthy fats, potent antioxidants and fiber, this protein shake will keep you going until lunch!  Continue reading “Recipe: Whole Food Protein Shake from Dr. Mark Hyman’s New Book”

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Eat Breakfast to Beat Obesity: Learn How the Right Morning Meal Can Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and thought, “but I’ll just save the calories and skip it”? Good in theory but not in practice. Yes, a calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss, along with taking in the type of calories that’ll be used for fuel vs. used for storage. But, while how much you eat and what you’re eating are important considerations, there’s more to consider. When you eat is an important factor as well. And more calories in the morning may be the secret to shedding pounds – and to a smaller waistline, according to research published in the journal Obesity.

In the study conducted at Tel Aviv University, 93 obese women were randomly assigned to two groups, both consuming 1,400 calories a day. The first group took in 700 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch, and 200 at dinner. The second group swapped their calories consuming 200 at breakfast, 500 at lunch, and 700 at dinner. After 12 weeks, the women who ate more in the morning lost, on average, 17.8 pounds and three inches off their waistline, while the big dinner diners lost just 7.3 pounds and 1.4 inches around the waist.  Continue reading “Eat Breakfast to Beat Obesity: Learn How the Right Morning Meal Can Help You Lose Weight”

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Dinner Tonight: Blue Cheese Cowboy Burger

This recipe comes from Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book, The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook. He has graciously shared three of the recipes with us. Here is the first!

Who doesn’t love a good cookout during the warm summer months? Elevate your burger by using grass-fed beef instead of hormone and antibiotic-traced meat. Not only will you be supporting the humane treatment of happy, healthy cows, but those omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids might just help keep your summer skin glowing a little longer!  Continue reading “Dinner Tonight: Blue Cheese Cowboy Burger”

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Reversing Autoimmune Symptoms Through Diet

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. In fact, the incidence of autoimmune disease has tripled in the last few decades and is the second leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type-1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, psoriasis and myasthenia gravis (see below for a personal story) are just some examples of autoimmune disorders where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues. This happens when something triggers the immune system such as environmental toxins, genetics, food allergies/sensitivities, vaccines, or infections.

People who suffer from autoimmune diseases often experience loss of function, disability, increased hospitalizations and outpatient visits, decreased productivity, and impaired quality of life. Treatment involves removing triggers, taking medications, making diet modifications, and supplementing with beneficial nutrients in order to control symptoms, slow the autoimmune process and reduce inflammation.

Diet and nutrient therapy can be an effective means of managing an autoimmune disease. Continue reading “Reversing Autoimmune Symptoms Through Diet”

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