10 Tips for Great Sleep While You Travel

Love to travel? Here’s some good news and some… not so good news.

Anything your body views as a stressor impacts your weight, your health and your sleep. While you may love to travel, your body may be viewing it as a source of stress. Are there ways to travel without burdening your body and your health? Of course! Here’s a list of conditions your body considers stressful. Work on solutions to some of these conditions now and you’ll be sleeping like a baby on your next trip!

1. External Stressors

▪ Mental and Emotional Stress: When we feel overburdened, overwhelmed or any other negative emotion we send signals to our body that we’re in a state of crisis. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is released which tells the body to prepare for battle, a condition that discourages restful sleep.  Continue reading “10 Tips for Great Sleep While You Travel”

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