The Mind-Body Connection and the Art of Letting Go

It is very easy to live on auto-pilot, disregarding or not paying much attention to the most important aspects of our lives – those that nourish us from the inside out.

Have you ever had a job that didn’t mean anything to you? In other words, you were used to this job, you went every day, you performed your duties, but what you did didn’t really mean much to you? Perhaps it was a comfortable situation, comfortable because it was a familiar job and you did it well, it paid well, and the benefits were good; but this job didn’t really fulfill you; it didn’t really allow you to grow as a person or be of service to others.

Or perhaps you’ve been in a relationship for the sake of keeping up with the status quo. A relationship where you didn’t really feel loved, or one where you were the one not really in love. Perhaps you felt like you had to stay in it for the sake of your children, so that they would grow up with a sense of family structure. Continue reading “The Mind-Body Connection and the Art of Letting Go”

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    Paula Gallagher
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    Margo Gladding
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    Dr. Rav Ivker
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    Susan Levin
    Susan writes about the connection between plant-based diets and a reduced risk of chronic diseases.
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