5 Natural Solutions for Dry Skin

Redness, flaking, and cracking of the skin can be common during the winter months when temperatures outside are so cold and the indoor air so dry. Here are some tips to help soothe, heal, and moisturize your ailing skin.

1) Eat foods rich in healthy fats – foods such as salmon, avocado, walnuts, flax seed, coconut, and olive oil provide nourishing oils to help moisturize your skin from the inside out. Research has also shown that healthy fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, can help fight wrinkle formation and photodamage, as well as provide support for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

2) Increase your water intake – drinking plenty of water and eating foods containing a high water content (fruits and vegetables, such as apples, plums, blueberries, melons, eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, etc.) can help to moisturize skin. Soups and herbal teas count too! Water plays many important roles in the body such as providing detoxification support, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and moistening tissues. Continue reading “5 Natural Solutions for Dry Skin”

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5 Tips for a Greener Holiday Season

I am not referring to those folks who live in a no snow zone. I am talking about having an environmentally friendly holiday. The holidays are a time of family, food, and thankfulness. Unfortunately, they are also a time of waste. In North America we are consumers of everything and events like Black Friday seem to make over-consumption and greed part of the holidays.

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t gift-give with your loved ones, but perhaps there are ways that we can cut down on how much we give and consume, and reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind. Here are some tips to have a greener holiday season.

1. Buy fewer gifts. When I was a kid, we got one gift from my parents. And we were really excited about it! Now, my children receive multiple gifts from each relative, and my house feels like the inside of a Toys R Us. And my son soon becomes bored and is looking for the next gift. So this year we have asked for donations to their college fund instead of another Lego set. Continue reading “5 Tips for a Greener Holiday Season”

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Favorite Things: Orange Blossom Energizer

I discovered this little gem when one of my coworkers gave me a sample. Annemarie Borlind has made a unique product that basically makes my skin GLOW. It really does. I use it after cleansing my face in the morning right before I put on my moisturizer. I have super dry skin and the layering of moisture really helps keep my skin radiant. In the summer, I sometimes use it alone.  It also smells  so good. Well, it smells like oranges, because that’s what it’s made of.

The orange extract is calming,  moisturizing, offers effective cell protection against damaging environmental influences, protects the skin from premature aging, and  stimulates the production of collagen. That’s not all. It contains lactic Acid L(+) which helps stabilize the skin’s acid mantle and strengthens its resistance, improving the elasticity of the skin with its lasting double effect for immediate skin smoothing. It also contains carrot oil, which encourages blood flow, giving a more youthful appearance.

Independent dermatological studies confirm Orange Blossom Energizer’s beneficial effects: it stimulates cellular activity and protects against environmental damage, gives the skin a special infusion of vitamins enriched with vitamins B5, C and E, and reduces skin irritations caused by stress and other environmental factors. The extreme conditions of climate to which the special variety of Sicilian orange is exposed during its growth and ripening give the fruit exceptional resistance and a first-class protection system, with high concentrations of antioxidant vitamins.

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Fight the Flu with Veggies

A study in the journal Cell has found that eating broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage can boost the immune system and help you fight off everyday bacteria and viruses.

Lab mice who skipped their veggies for 3 weeks suffered an 80% drop in the total number of protective immune cells.

So, along with these tips, adding a serving or two of veggies to your daily diet may be a good idea for the whole family.


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Join Us in Bethesda for a Special Presentation on December 5

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are among the most common mental disorders experienced by Americans. And, women are 50% more likely than men to experience a mood disorder. While medications are often the first-line treatment for anxiety, fear, moodiness, and depression issues, they can often cause side effects or be insufficient for managing the symptoms.

Village Green would like to invite you for a free open evening discussion with physician-specialists and guest presenters from Mensah Medical – Albert Mensah, MD, and Judith Bowman, MD. The topic of the evening will be Approaches for Anxiety, Moodiness & Depression – Non-Medications & Understanding Biochemical Imbalances. Learn more about how these issues can be related to a root cause – a biochemical imbalance – and how targeted, individualized nutrient therapy provides a healthier and effective alternative. This discussion will also cover evidenced based research and biochemistry rationale. Interaction and questions by members of the audience are encouraged

This special event will be held Monday, December 5, 2011 from 7-8:30 p.m. at Bethesda Green (2nd floor of Capital One Bank building), 4825 Cordell Ave. Suite 200, Bethesda, MD. Space is limited – please let us know you’re coming so that we can reserve your place.

You can sign-up at the store or call 301-530-0800. The first 25 people to sign up and attend will receive a $10 gift certificate to use at Village Green in January of 2012. There will also be free product samples and coupons available during the evening.

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