Apples May Lower Stroke Risk

Fall is here and so are apples and pears! I love this time of year because the local orchards are abundant with Gala, MacIntosh and Red Delicious apples … to name a few of my favorites. Just in time, since a study out of the Netherlands has found that an apple a day may really help keep the doctor away. Researchers have found that people who eat a high amount of white fleshed fruits and veggies, like pears, apples and cauliflower can lower stroke risk by as much as 52%.

The study followed more than 20,000 adults over 10 years and found for every 25 grams per day increase in white fruits and vegetables, there was a 9% lower risk of stroke. So considering that 25 grams per day is about ¼ of an apple, it seems like an easy addition to one’s diet. Continue reading “Apples May Lower Stroke Risk”

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