Radio Show: Herbs and Spices for Health

Host Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. James Duke will be discussing herbs and spices as they relate to health and disease.

As an economic botanist with a Ph.D. in botany, Jim Duke worked with the U. S. Department of Agriculture for 32 years. Today, in his Green Pharmacy Garden, he serves as a distinguished lecturer for the Master of Science in Herbal Medicine program at Tai Sophia Institute. Dr. Duke is a renowned speaker and author and he leads ethnobotanical trips to ecologically rich areas of the world.

Tune in this Sunday from 10-11am on 1500 AM (WFED) or listen live on the web. Our shows are streamed everywhere.

Last week’s show was on getting in shape for spring. Click to listen.

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6 Common Symptoms of Food Sensitivities in Kids

  1. Headaches
  2. Dark under-eye circles
  3. Earaches / Ear infections
  4. Eczema
  5. Asthma
  6. Irritability

There are many factors that can cause these symptoms in children. Therefore, it is critical to look at all possibilities. Food sensitivities is an important area to investigate because there are many common foods in one’s diet that can aggravate the body. For example, foods such as gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, corn, citrus, and eggs are often the main culprits. These foods can trigger the immune system and result in delayed food reactions. These reactions are different than a true allergic response such as anaphylaxis that occurs immediately after ingesting a certain food. Sensitivities to foods tend to show up anywhere from hours to days after ingesting troublesome foods. There is also a wide variety of symptoms beyond the 6 listed above. Other symptoms include behavior and attention problems, depression, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and anger. Because symptoms are so varied and are delayed, it can be a bit challenging determining which foods are causing the problem.

Fortunately there is simple blood test done through Village Green that can screen for food sensitivities. Based on the results, a plan is created specific for the child. In general, all foods that rank moderate/high are best eliminated from the diet for a period of 3-6 months while other foods are rotated in the diet. This allows the digestive system and immune system to begin the process of healing. Other beneficial supplements such as glutamine, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fish oil, and a high quality multivitamin can also provide added healing support.

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Look Younger Now: Avoid These 5 Aging Habits

Recently, on a popular morning news program, the topic of aging was discussed. I wasn’t surprised that smoking and lying in the sun can make you look years older, but some other habits were a bit more unexpected. For many people, most of these habits can be changed relatively easily and will also help you feel more energized, in general.

1. Not getting enough sleep. Juggling work, kids and a personal life can take a toll on your sleep, but getting enough sleep is important. Research links lack of sleep to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and even just looking tired and older. Aiming for 7 to 8 hours sleep per night is about right for most people.

2. Eating too much sugar. Not only can a diet packed with sugar affect your waistline, but now experts also believe it can make your skin dull and wrinkled, too. Continue reading “Look Younger Now: Avoid These 5 Aging Habits”

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Safe Drug Disposal: National Take Back Initiative

On Saturday April 30, a number of collection sites around the country will be taking back unused and unwanted prescription drugs (including controlled substances) through the National Take Back Initiative. The program helps to keep these substances out of our environment (e.g., water supply), as well as keep them safe from children, teens and adults who might accidentally or intentionally look to use them inappropriately.

This is a great time to go through your medicine cabinet and dispose of your unused and expired drugs! As a reminder, through Village Green’s TakeAway Environmental Return System, you can turn in most traditional pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications (OTC’s) everyday at no cost. (Note: our program does not accept controlled substances.)

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5-HTP: The Natural Mood Supporter

5-HTP is a precursor to the hormones serotonin and melatonin. It has been compared to many antidepressant medications because of its positive effect on mood.

Serotonin regulates mood, behavior, appetite, dilation of blood vessels and many other body processes. Serotonin is released in response to fullness and regulates appetite. Deficiency of serotonin may lead to overeating and obesity. This also accounts for the fact that when we are under stress, our appetite tends to change.

Melatonin regulates the body’s sleep/wake cycles. Optimal levels of melatonin allow us to have restful and restorative sleep. Melatonin also cues the body to release growth hormone and sex hormones, which are used during sleep to repair body tissues and normalize hormone levels. Finally, melatonin is an antioxidant that protects tissue by neutralizing damaging free radicals.

Before taking 5-HTP, consult with a health care professional. 5-HTP can interact with certain medications like antidepressants.

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