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Weight Gain and Menopause

“I am going through menopause and I can’t seem to lose the weight, what can I take?”  We hear this question a lot, and most of us would like to hand over a magic pill that would shed those extra pounds, but this pill doesn’t exist, although certain infomercials would have you believe otherwise. Diet, exercise, genetics and hormones all play roles in weight control. Two of these four can be easily remedied for most people. Do you remember the study that came out in March that showed that women in their 40’s need to ante up on exercise? Basically, women nearing menopause and into menopause need to work out at least 1 hour per day to maintain weight. So think about how much you are really exercising and take that into consideration.  Debi had a great blog yesterday about weight loss, and there are great tips to help with your goals.

But what if you have tried diet and exercise, and you are still unable to nudge those pounds off your hips. Well, Margo, a Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritional Consultant, offered the following solutions to the questions of weight loss, menopause and cravings: Continue reading “Weight Gain and Menopause”

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Our Bloggers

  • Paula Gallagher
    Paula Gallagher
    Paula is a highly qualified and experienced nutrition counselor on the staff at Village Green.
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  • Margo Gladding
    Margo Gladding
    Margo's impressive knowledge base is the result of a unique blend of educational and professional experience.
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  • Dr. Neal Barnard
    Dr. Neal Barnard
    Dr. Barnard leads programs advocating for preventive medicine, good nutrition, and higher ethical standards in research.
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  • Joseph Pizzorno
    Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
    Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND is a pioneer of integrative medicine and a leading authority on science-based natural medicine.
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  • Debi Silber
    Debi Silber
    Debi is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition, a personal trainer, and whole health coach.
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  • Teri Cochrane
    Teri Cochrane
    Teri is a is a Certified Coach Practitioner with extensive certifications and experience in holistic medicinal practices.
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  • Dr. Rav Ivker
    Dr. Rav Ivker
    Dr. Rav Ivker is a holistic family physician, health educator, and best-selling author.
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  • Susan Levin
    Susan Levin
    Susan writes about the connection between plant-based diets and a reduced risk of chronic diseases.
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  • Rob Brown
    Dr. Rob Brown
    Dr. Brown's blended perspective of healthcare includes a deeply rooted passion for wellness and spiritual exploration.
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