No Carbs ‘Til Noon

Looking for an effective way to have some flexibility with weight loss results in your nutritional plan? Try going without carbs until noon, and then have no carbs within 3 hours of going to bed. So if you go to bed at 10:00 every night, this gives you from noon to 7:00 to have some flexibility with eating carbs. Going carbless for these early and late hours is a highly effective way to suppress insulin levels, which burns away body fat. If you want even more of an effect for fat burning, then eat carbs that are low on the glycemic index between those hours of noon to 7:00. For a free glycemic index, click here, or call call us to make a nutritional consultation.

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Digestive Enzymes – The Key to Digestive Health

Ideal digestive function is at the core of good health. Not only does our digestive system break down and absorb nutrients, but it also houses 60-70% of the immune system. Digestive complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, bloating, and reflux, are each important symptoms that should be examined for the root cause. If not resolved, digestive problems can lead to the development of serious health conditions. Fortunately, there are things that you can do help with your digestive health.

Digestive enzymes are necessary for digestion and absorption of food. Adding more enzymes to your diet is beneficial due to the destruction of enzymes in the cooking and/or processing of foods. Enzyme deficiencies can result in poor absorption and other health problems. Pathway DIGASE contains the full complement of enzymes complemented by gentian root, caraway seed, and ginger root to support digestion. This unique product is formulated to provide as much as 80% of the digestive elements needed for the typical meal.

Check out this video by Registered Dietitian Natalie Butler about the cause of enzyme depletion and what can be done to improve digestive health.  Around the 6 minute mark, she discusses supplemental enzymes and her personal experience with irritable bowel syndrome and enzymes.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Immune Power

Your immune system helps to protect you from the onslaught of infectious agents that you come in contact with every day. You may not know that more than half of your immune system is located in the digestive system. So, without a healthy digestive system, your immune system cannot do its job properly. Taking care of yourself and nourishing yourself helps to keep your body functioning optimally

  1. Eat a low glycemic, whole foods diet, rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, high quality proteins, and healthy fats
  2. Limit your intake of refined sugars and processed foods
  3. Eliminate foods that may be inflammatory for you (often dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, and eggs)
  4. Drink plenty of clean water
  5. Manage your stress levels
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Get plenty of restful sleep
  8. Limit your exposure to toxins
  9. Take core nutrients such as a multivitamin, omega 3 essential fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamin D
  10. Laugh, enjoy life, and have fun!

If you would like further guidance on how to best support your immune system, speak to a knowledgeable expert at Village Green Apothecary who can help guide you in creating an individualized health plan just for you.

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Seven Tips to Become a More Positive Thinker

Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings. These feelings lead to positive emotions. These emotions then promote positive behaviors. Finally, the positive behavior creates positive outcomes. In applying these steps to a real example, it may look something like this.

Let’s say you’re thinking about how nice it will be to spend some quality time with someone you love. Just thinking about the time you’ll spend makes you feel good. Maybe you’re feeling content, loved and happy. Those feelings lead to positive emotions such as love or joy. When you’re experiencing emotions such as love or joy, you’re more inclined to behave in a way which is in line with those feelings. Maybe you’re more supportive, loving or compassionate as a result. Because you’re more supportive or compassionate, you have more to give and behave in a manner which is conducive to showing your compassion. You may be more inclined to say or do something nice to someone, simply because you feel good.

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Bagnetic: The end of Plastic bags

Did you know that less than 1% of plastic bags actually ever get recycled?  The rest end up in landfills and oceans and take millions of years to completely break down.  Think about how many bags you use every time you hit the grocery store. Multiply by that by your number of visits per week, then by 52 weeks per year and then by millions of people…  you see the problem.  Many stores have started to charge for bags, to encourage people to use their own bags.

A company called Bagnetic has taken it one step further and developed trendy reusable bags that are easy to store and carry, and are made of non-toxic and durable materials. Bringing in your own bags is one step that we can all do to make this a better place to live. Everyday should be Earth Day.

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