The Squat is Still King

Boyd Eppley, founder of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), stated at the 2009 Nebraska NSCA State Conference, “The squat is still king.” This is why that is an accurate statement:

When you are able to perform the free weight back squat correctly and with full depth and good posture, it will be the foundation for your health, fitness, or sports performance. The entire point of weight training is to apply stress to the body, and nothing will apply stress to the entire body at once like the free weight back squat; with perfect technique. This movement will also be the strongest movement where an individual will perform the most weight, so it will also burn the most calories, build the most bone density, and develop the most overall strength in the body. For the appropriate squat progression and perfect technique visit the website Continue reading “The Squat is Still King”

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