Heart Health

Other than fat loss, it seems the most popular reason to perform cardio routines is for heart health. Helgurud, et al (2004) found high intensity aerobic exercise is superior to moderate exercise as well when studying stable patients with coronary artery disease. Dr. Al Sears, author of the book “The Doctor’s Heart Cure,” is quoted as saying : “Heart attacks aren’t caused by a lack of endurance. Heart attacks typically occur at rest or at periods of very high cardiac output. Often there is a sudden increase in demand. A person lifts a heavy object or receives an unexpected emotional blow. The sudden demand for cardiac output exceeds the heart’s capacity to adapt. What you really need is a faster cardiac output. By exercising for long periods, you actually induce the opposite response. When you exercise continuously for more than about 10 minutes, your heart has to become more efficient. Greater efficiency comes from downsizing. Continue reading “Heart Health”

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Peanut Allergy Cure?

Researchers in Britain believe they may soon be able to cure children of peanut allergies by feeding them tiny doses of peanut flour so that they eventually build a tolerance. They tested a small group of children and had some success. The next goal is to test a larger group of children over the next 3 years.  Now, don’t get any ideas about trying this at home. These studies were performed under strict settings, where resuscitation drugs and specialists were available should any of the children develop a serious anaphylactic reaction.

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Vitamin D and Your Health: Why you want to pay attention to this vital nutrient

The headline article in my recent edition of Ellen’s Healthy Bites, an email newsletter I send out once per month that is full of the most relevant health/nutrition topic of the day, was “Vitamin D: A Public Service Announcement”. I felt so strongly that it was imperative to educate my readership about the important issue of Vitamin D deficiency, that it should be a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

The PSA is simple. It reads:

***Schedule an appointment with your doctor. Ask to get your Vitamin D levels tested. Do the same for your children, your elderly parents, and anyone else you care about. ***

Why is Vitamin D Deficiency such a big deal?

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Mangosteen Reduces Inflammation

In a recent randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study, 2 cups of mangosteen juice a day was found to reduce c-reactive protein (CRP) levels in the blood. CRP is a protein made by the body which indicates inflammation and is a marker for some diseases, like heart disease and lupus. Mangosteen has been touted recently as a super fruit because of its immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It is also delicious. It is available in powder was well ready to drink liquid. You may want to think about reaching for a glass of mangosteen tomorrow morning instead of  the old OJ.

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Happiness Decreases Heart Disease

Apparently, “Don’t worry be happy” should be everyone’s motto.  A study by Canadian researchers published in the European Heart Journal found that people who are happy, content and joyful have healthier hearts.  What they actually found was that over 10 years, being positive, decreased heart disease by 22%.

One theory about why this is so is that people who are happier  may have longer periods of rest and relaxation and recover more quickly from stress. Here are some tips that may lead to happiness that I found on www.lifehack.org:

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