The Disappearing Male: Are Chemicals to Blame?

So I am on a documentary kick right now. Here is another documentary that demonstrates the link between chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) and their effect on male genes. Currently, the FDA has not banned use of BPA (found in many plastics, can linings, etc.), even though they are now “warning” the public to avoid it.

Here are a few ways to avoid BPA:

1. Read labels. Many products are labeled BPA-free.

2. Avoid canned foods when possible. Eat fresh whenever possible.

3. Never microwave plastic. (NEVER!)

Please leave a comment about what else you can do.

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The Downside of High – Is Marijuana Really Harmless?

A Canadian television network broadcast a documentary about the link between mental illness and the chemical THC in marijuana. Specifically, that marijuana can trigger schizophrenia. Very interesting and worth watching, especially since many people believe that marijuana is harmless. I am not saying that I am for or against it, but it is an eye-opening program. Click here to read about research being done and to watch episodes online.

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10 Everyday Superfoods

This was the headline on the front page of the search engine site I use. I couldn’t resist so I clicked on the link, and was ready to update my pantry if I was promised longevity, a slimmer waist line and good health. I was also curious to see what today’s superfoods were, because I am pretty sure that I read a similar list less than a month ago.

Here are the top 10 superfoods according to

1. Quinoa: This is a grain. And I bet not a common everyday staple for most, however, it is a fantastic tasting food that you should try. Chock full of magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and essential amino acids, it can be added to salads, soups and stews and can be used in place of couscous.

2. Cranberries: Just the other day another study was published touting the prevention of urinary tract infections with the consumption of cranberry juice. Whether you drink the juice, eat the dried forms, or add them to baked goods, you can rest assure that you are getting lots of vitamins C and A, and fiber. Continue reading “10 Everyday Superfoods”

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More Reasons to Take Vitamin D

Everyday there seems to be more and more research to support the supplementation of Vitamin D.   The current recommendation of 400IU just may not be enough for most people living in North America, especially those of us who are inside most of the day and don’t see sunshine.

Here are summaries of the three latest studies on the posItive effects of Vitamin D. Continue reading “More Reasons to Take Vitamin D”

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Boost your Immune System with Probiotics

Okay, we have all seen the commercials that say 70% of our immune system is in the digestive tract. So is eating a yogurt enough to protect our immune system against all that is out there? Personally, I don’t think so, but it is a start. The reason that yogurt may offer protective benefits is that it contains probiotics, or beneficial bacteria. Lactobacillus and bifidus are types of bacteria that help protect both the large and small intestines and help keep bad bacteria at bay, possibly preventing infection, reducing incidence of diarrhea associated with antiobiotics, and supporting the immune system. 

The health benefits associated with probiotic supplementation continue to surface. Apparently, there are more bacteria in our intestines that there are cells in our body.  Continue reading “Boost your Immune System with Probiotics”

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